Start SkyReal with a Simulation File

Simulation File

Once a CAD as been converted to simulation map with SkyPrep, the file to load into SkyReal is:


Before selecting the simulation file, you need to set a couple of parameters.

Collaborative Mode

  • If you want to work locally on your own: uncheck the "Enable collaboration" box.
  • If you want to create a collaborative session: check both "Enable collaboration" and "Is server" boxes. Your colleagues will need your IP address to join your session.


  • If you want to join an existing server: check the "Enable collaboration" box but uncheck the "Is server" one. You need to set the IP address of the host server.



You need to set your license, as described in the license section.



The session parameters let you choose the VR device to be used as well as the input configuration file.


You can also choose a session to restore settings.

In most cases, you do not need to use modify these settings.

VR Status

The VR Status icon is here to inform you whether a HMD has been detected or not. If this icon is red (with “None” displayed next to it), then your HMD is either disconnected, not up to date or not properly set up.

all_v1.11_skyreal_launch_page_vr_status all_v1.11_skyreal_launch_page_vr_status_2