T_EditSelection Selection State Tab

In this sub-menu, you can view the information and change some settings of the objects in your simulation.


Selection Panel

In this panel, you can view the different objects you have selected.

To select an object, you must click on it in the viewport. To select mutliple objects at once, you can either:

  • Hold CTRL and click on all of the objects you wish to select
  • Go over the objects you wish to select by holding left click in the viewport (less precise, but useful if you wish to select a portion of the simulation)

You can zoom in on a specific object by clicking on the magnifying glass located next to it.

You can deselect an object by clicking on the cross next to it.

Products Panel

This panel contains information and settings for the selected objects.


Allows you to change the Display name of the selected object(s). If mutliple objects are selected, this will set all of their display names to the name you enter.

Instance and product name will display "Multiple values" if multiple objects are selected. To view the instance and product names of objects, you must select them individually.

For all of the following settings, please note that having multiple objects selected when changing these settings will apply the changes to all of the selected objects


  • The World setting places the selected object(s) in a specific world. There are three worlds in SkyReal: Visible, Hidden and Trash. This setting will be set to default world when you load your simulation.

  • The Default world setting sets the world in which the selected object(s) are placed when loading the simulation.

  • Is highlighted highlights the selected object(s), making them flash.
  • When checked, Has color allows you to set the color of the selected object(s).
  • When checked, Has transparency allows you to set the opacity of the selected object(s).


  • Simulate physics: Activate or deactivate Physic simulation for the selected object(s).
  • Is frozen: Freeze or unfreeze the selected object(s). Frozen objects are not subject to physic simulation nor gravity.
  • Gravity: Activate or deactivate Gravity


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