SkyReal commands are the tools built inside your simulation that allow you to interact, build, move, edit and much more.

Below is a list of pages detailing SkyReal's main commands. Some of these commands can be modified with custom parameters.

T_Animation Animation commands

T_SplineAnnotation Annotation commands

T_HidePart Appearance commands

T_CuttingPlane Cutting geometry commands

T_Design Design commands

T_Environment Environment commands

T_FeatureAdd Feature commands

T_Group_Check Groups commands

T_House Interface commands

T_LightBulb Light commands

T_Human Manikin commands

T_Grab Manipulation command

T_Ruler Measure command

T_MiniMapIcon Minimap command

T_Navigation Navigation commands

T_Physic_Scene_Physic_Check Physics commands

T_Product Part properties commands

T_AntiAliasing Rendering commands

T_Save Save commands

T_Camera Screenshot commands

T_Select Selection commands

T_Physic_Collide_Check Show collisions command

T_Tools Spawn tools command

T_Axis_Check Tracking command

T_ViewAdd View commands