Object Manipulation

There are several methods to manipulate objects in SkyReal, depending on if you wish to be precise, to be free to move any part, to use both hands, ...

You can find the first three commands in the default Grab sub menu and the last two in the Full Pie Menu.

all_v1.11_skyreal_commands_manipulation_default all_v1.11_skyreal_commands_manipulation_full

Selection manipulation


The Selection manipulation command lets you grab all the selected parts with on hand. You need to select several parts before launching the command.

Laser manipulation


The Laser manipulation command allows you to grab any part without selection. You just need to point a part with your laser and keep the trigger pressed to grab it. You can grab two parts at the same time (one part in each hand).

Compass manipulation


The Compass Manipulation command allows you to manipulate objects using a cartesian axis system.

This command is useful to move objects in your simulation with precision. Compared to the other Grab commands, the Compass Manipulation command is much more precise and lets you move objects in only one direction at a time.

When activated, this command will spawn a cartesian axis system allowing you to translate and rotate the selected objects using the X, Y and Z axes. To do so, simply aim your laser at the translation (blue, red or green arrow on the compass ) or rotation (blue, red or green quarter circle line on the compass) that you wish to execute, press and hold the trigger and then move your controller to translate/rotate the selected objects.

You can also translate objects parallel to planes by aiming your laser at the full-colored quarter circles, pressing and holding the trigger and moving your controller.

Video Example

Custom Parameters

  • Translation manipulation mode:
    • Positional: the compass moves as much as the controller.
    • Projectional: the compass moves at the position pointed by the laser (on the selected axis).

Overlapping object manipulation


The Overlapping Object Manipulation command is the most realistic metaphor. It also requires no selection, you just have to touch the part you want to manipulate and press the trigger to grab it.

Nearest object manipulation


The Nearest Object Manipulation commands allows you to manipulate the closest part without selection. If you hands point the same part you will be able to grab it with two hands to be more precise.