Part properties

These command let you get and set somes properties of the parts.

You will find these commands in the [default Product sub menu]() and in the [desktop menu]():


Reset parts position


When used, this command will reset the position of all selected objects to their original position (ie: the one they were in when you launched the SkyReal simulation).

⚠ If no objects are selected when activating this command, the positions of ALL of the objects in the simulation will be reset.



⚠ This command will only be usable if you have selected one or more objects.

When activated, this command will allow you to resize the selected objects using the controller.

Part information


When activated, your controller's laser or your mouse will allow you to view a part's specific information (part number, instance name, metadata...). To use it, simply point your controller's laser at a part which's information you wish to view, and a small window will open in your vision area, displaying the information.

Set display name


When used, this command will let you write the new name of the selected part.

⚠ If several parts are selected they will get the same display name.

Fit product


Make the camera fill the viewport with a view fitted to the selected objects (ie: zoom in on the selected objects).