Rendering commands

These commands allow you to set the graphics parameters of SkyReal. It can be useful to optimize performances, for instance toggling off SSAO will increase FPS.

You can find these commands in the Rendering tab of the desktop menu:


Anti-aliasing (AA)


Refers to the smoothing of aliased, or jagged, lines when displayed on a computer monitor. In SkyReal, there are several anti-aliasing options you can choose from: FXAA, TXAA and MSAA.



Toggle Screen Space Ambient Occlusion. SSAO is an effect which approximates the attenuation of light due to occlusion. This is generally best used as a subtle effect, in addition to standard global illumination, that darkens corners, crevices, or other features to create a more natural, realistic look.

Auto exposure


Toggle auto exposure (also known as eye adaptation). It causes the exposure of the scene to automatically adjust to recreate the effect experienced as human eyes adjust when going from a bright environment into a dark environment or when going from a dark environment to a bright one.

Toggle Shadows


Activate/Deactivate shadows.