Server installation

Run RLM as a executable

First you have to download RLM server ( and unzip it on the computer you want to use as a license server.

This version runs on Windows but we can compile the server for other plateforms on demand.

You then need to place your license file in the RLM\lic_serverX64 folder and start rlm.exe.

Run RLM as a service

Instead of running the rlm.exe each time you wish to use our programs, you can create a service that will be launched everytime your host computer starts up.

Open cmd.exe (or powershell.exe) as an administrator and set the directory to: [Your Path]\RLM\lic_serverX64
Then execute the command:

rlm.exe -install_service -service_name RLMserver -dlog [RLM_server_directory]\rlm.log

Now, open the Task Manager and go to the Services tab. You will find your RLMserver service with the status "Stopped". Right click on it and start the service.

Access license server from another network

To access the RLM server from another network, you need to open TCP port 5053, which is the mandatory RLM connexion port.

Opening another TCP port of your choice is needed too (We will take port 55854 as an example below).

You can then open the license file with a text editor, and add port=55854 after ISV skydea, as shown:

HOST localhost disksn=123456789
ISV skydea port=55854
LICENSE skydea skyreal_full 1.0 22-mar-2020 10 disable=VM


Once saved, you can restart RLM.