Start SkyReal with Parameters

Since v1.7, Sky Real supports command line arguments, which allows for an easier configuration of the basic parameters. The following parameters can be configured via command lines:

  • to configure the license options
    • -Local=”xxxx” : set True if the license is located on the computer where SkyReal is running; set False if it is located on a license server
    • -IpServer=””: the IP adress of the license server
    • -PortServer=”xxxx”: the port of the license server
    • -Type=”xxxx” : the type of licence (Full or Trial)
  • to configure the collaborative options :
    • -IsCollab=”xxxx”: Determines if the session will be collaborative (true) or not (false)
    • -IsServer=”xxxx”: Set this session as the server for the collaborative session (true/false)
    • -Alias=”xxxx”: Set the alias of the user for the collaborative session
    • -CollabServerAdress=”xxx” : the server adress
  • to load a map immediately:
    • -Simulation=”xxx” : Path to load the map

If you do not provide information for some of these parameteres, the default options will be used for them.