Command Menu

The command menu is located to the left of the desktop interface. It is always visible, but you can expand it to view the names of the sub-menus by clicking on the Expand / Collaspe button T_OrthoGraphic at the top of the bar.

The default Command menu should look like the screenshot below, however, it is entirely customizable.


The default Command menu contains the following tabs:

T_VRGlass3 Run in VR: Click on the icon to launch VR mode.

T_House Global commands

T_Camcorder Camera

T_Appearance Appearance

T_Flag Features

T_Environment Environment

T_Physic_Scene_Physic_Check Physics

T_Axis_Check Tracking

T_Product Product

T_TreeHierarchy Tree

T_Select Selection

T_Animation Animation

T_Settings SkyReal Settings