Design Commands

The Design set of commands allows you to add simple geometries to your simulation, including boxes, spheres, cables and pipes.

The Design commands enable you to directly add objects to your SkyReal simulation whilst in VR mode.

Examples of use:

  • Adding pipes to your simulation is much easier in SkyReal than in CAD softwares such as CATIA. Therefore, you can create pipes using the Pipe command, and then, using the Save for Back to CAD command, save those pipes for editing into a CAD file.

  • Adding cubes can also be interesting to define a workspace and to define the boundaries of an area of study.

How to use them?

There are five types of Design commands:

full design menu

They all work in a similar fashion. See the video tutorial below.

Video Example

Custom Parameters

Command Parameters
Box Minimum delete length
Sphere Minimum delete length
Plane Minimum delete length
Cable -
Pipe -