Save Commands

The Save and Load commands allow you to save modifications you make in your simulation by creating differents saves which you can switch between. They are useful if you wish to make modifications to your simulation yet keep older versions prior that existed prior to making these modifications.

The Back to CAD command allows you to export your simulation and the modifications you have made to it back to a CAD format. It is useful if you wish to alternate between using CAD software and SkyReal to work on your product, and allows you to export designs and transformations which you have made in VR.

These commands can be accessed from the Global commands tab in the default 2D Command Menu:

global commands menu



When used, this command will create a save of your simulation in its current state. Any modifications made to parts (position, rotation, scale and appearance) will be saved. Moreover, any measures, annotations, designs (spheres, boxes, cables and pipes), 3D symbols or static manikins will also be saved.



When used, this command will let you choose a save file of your simulation to load. You can load a save at any time, however, any changes that were not saved when using the command will be overwritten by the loaded save file.

Save for back to CAD


When used, this command will export a .json file containing information about the simulation, including:

  • Part transformations: Any modifications in position, rotation and scale
  • Designs: Any boxes, pipes, cables or spheres that were created in the simulation

This file can be found at the root of the simulation folder.

Once you have used the command, you can open your CAD with CATIA and update it with the created .json file.

Custom Parameters

Command Parameters
Save -
Load Merge load
Save for back to CAD -