• CPU: i7 8th gen
  • RAM: 16 Go


  • CPU: i9 9th gen
  • RAM: 48 Go

SkyPrep does not require a GPU, as it relies solely on CPU computation. To reduce preparation time, we suggest using a recent and powerful CPU.

For huge simulations, it is preferable to have a big amount of memory to avoid memory overflow.


The mandatory dependencies are:

You will also need to configure your license.

Catia V5 importer

As JT files, Catia V5 files (.CATPart, .CATProduct, .CGR) can be natively prepared without any dependency. However it is recommended to use our internal importer, which requires Catia V5 to be installed and activated.

CoreTechnologie importer

If you want to import other CAD files (See compatible extensions), you need a CoreTechnologie extra license. You also have to install CodeMeter and configure it.