At SkyReal startup, the default page is the library. You will find all the experiences you've already open with SkyReal.


Add a new map

The big add button let you pick any map.

Once a CAD as been converted to simulation map with SkyPrep, the file to load into SkyReal is:


Sorting the maps

By default, the library displays the maps in cards. But you can choose to display them as a list to get more details.

library options

You can sort the maps by : Most Recent, Most Used, Preparation Date, Name, Path

Start a map

play buttons

Play Locally: Start the map on this computer only.

Create Session: Start a collaborative session of SkyReal. You are hosting the server, other users can join your session using the same map.

Join Session: Join an existing session on the network. You need to enter the IP address of the session. (You must have the exact same map)

join session

Map Resources


At the bottom of the maps pages you can see the screenshots taken in SkyReal.

Drag & Drop the pictures to the vignette or to the header picture to update them. A popup will ask you to cut your picture for the header.

cut picture


Only displays the different saves at this moment.