Version: v1.13

Start SkyReal Demo

What's inside#

The SkyReal demo is a full version of SkyReal 1.13 starting with a given playground.



You will need:

  • Windows 7 or greater
  • a VR headset: Oculus rift (S)/Quest, HTC Vive/Cosmos, WMR, Valve index

Get the demo#

To download the demo package please visit this webpage:

You need to leave us your email, then a link is sent to you. Then you need to download and unzip the package.

You will get a SkyReal_Demo folder containing the executable of SkyReal.

Getting started#

Start SkyReal.exe, the demo map is automatically launched.

Launch VR#

To launch the VR experience, click on the top left button VR icon


To navigate in VR use the joystick of the Oculus controller or the navigation pad of the Vive controller.

Push the joystick forward to move in the direction of the laser.

all_v1.11_skyreal_controllers_oculus-rift all_v1.11_skyreal_controllers_vive


Keep pressed the Pie Menu button (see above) to open it.


Then you can move your controller to the slice of your choice. To open a sub-menu (with an arrow at the end) you must move your controller beyond the edge of the slice.

For instance you can open the sub-menu Navigation to set your navigation mode.


Most of the commands work on a selection of parts. So before launching a command select the part you want to interact with.