Version: v1.13

Collaboration panel

Local user settings#

local user settings
  • Alias: set the alias which others view you as in the simulation.
  • Color: set the color of your "ghost" in the simulation. By default, this will also be the color of your pen when you make annotations in VR.
  • Logo: set the image you want to display on the back of manikins. Your image needs to be a square. You can reset the logo clicking on the reset button.

Remote users settings#

remote users settings
  • See others as human: toggle whether or not remote users are displayed using an avatar or a manikin.
  • Reset humans: recompute the skeleton position of every manikin in the scene.


users mgmt

You can see and administrate users. The available functions are:

  • Mute a user (if VOIP is activated)
  • Fit your view to a user
  • Kick a user out of the session

On the right you can see:

  • network connexion quality (based on the ping response)
  • users rights: S = server, A = admin, U = user. U and S can kick and mute other users.


  • Join/Leave call: toggle VOIP
  • Toggle mute your microphone
  • Toggle mute your speaker
  • Input: select a specific input device
  • output: select a specific output device

If you don't see this, go to the Settings and enable VOIP (server and client).