Version: v1.13

Filters panel

The filters purpose is to apply a list of actions to the parts that fit the rules. For instance you can select all the parts which volume is smaller than 1m3.

You will find the filters interface in the state menu.


Create a filter#

The first time you need to click on the Add new filter button. Then you need to set a name of the filter and optionally its category and a description.

create filter

The location dropdown menu let you choose if you want your filter to be stored in the map (you can copy it on another computer) or in the users settings.

For the category you can create sub-categories. To do so you must use the | symbol. For instance: user 1|revision

filter categories

When you put your mouse over the filter you get the description in a tooltip.

Add a rule#

The filter can contain a set of rules that will be applied in the order they are listed.

To add a rule click on the plus icon.

empty filter

Edit a rule#

edit rule

You need to set:

  • the rule name,
  • the conditions,
  • the actions.

Then confirm.

Apply a filter#

Finally, click on the Apply selected filter button.

apply filter

The reset button on the right is a shortcut to reset all parts appearance.


Go to the conditions and actions pages to learn how to use them.