Version: v1.13


SkyReal manikins are able to display an MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders) simulation according to their pose. The purpose is to study ergonomics on your products creating manikins and incarnating them.

The computation of a scoring for each articalation is based on the RULA method.

MSDs view


You can show the MSDs result on every manikin using the command Toggle MSDs.

But you can also activate it independently on each manikin using the Bracelet. To choose the manikin you want to work with you must select one of its nodes.

MSDs activate


For each manikin you can choose the RULA method settings.

MSDs settings

Result overview#

MSDs view

Postures and report (WIP)#

Each manikin can store several postures that you can reload. You can export an html report of the RULA results for every posture of a manikin.

MSDs posture