Version: v1.13

Remote Control

Remote Control is a web interface dedicated to assist a SkyReal user in its operations. You can remotely start commands and change selection.

remote control overview


Remote Control is a web app which requires Node.js to run.

  • Download and install latest LTS Node.js version here.

Then you'll need to install dependencies. Go to SkyReal\SkyReal\Content\Scripts, open CMD in this directory and install the express module:

  • npm install express

Finally you must allow Remote Control in the SkyReal settings.

allow remote control


Still in the SkyReal\SkyReal\Content\Scripts directory, open CMD and start the server:

  • node index.js

Now you can reach Remote Control on your web browser at

Note that SkyReal must be started in collaborative mode.



The left panel lists all the available commands.

Some commands need a selection. They will take into account your selection in the world outliner.

World outliner#

The right panel lists all the object of the scene. You can sort them by type using the filters.

remote control world outliner filters

There is a distinction between the selection of the SkyReal user and the selection of the Remote Control user.

  • SkyReal selection is represented by a red border: skyreal selection
  • Remote Control selection is represented by a green tile: remote control selection

At the bottom, a toolbar lets you:

remote control world outliner tools
  • Refresh the interface to see the current selection of the SkyReal user
  • Clean the SkyReal user's selection
  • Apply your selection to the SkyReal user's one
  • Focus on the SkyReal user's selection in the World Outliner
  • Hide the selected parts (your selection)
  • Remove the selected parts (your selection)