Version: v1.13

Add environment

You can extend the list of environments in SkyReal with yours.

  • First you need to have the model you want to use as an environment inside the editor map in Unreal Engine. The data can come from the preparation or from a fbx.

  • Create a new actor: right click in the content browser and create a Blueprint Class. Choose the class Skr3DEnvironment and save it anywhere under the Simulation folder.

    create skr env
  • In the World Outliner select the parts you want to use as an environment, then do right click > Convert Actors To Static Mesh and save it anywhere under the Simulation folder. If you have only one static mesh you can directly use it in the next step.

    convert actors to static mesh
  • Double click on the new Skr3DEnvironment blueprint to open it. Drag and drop the new StaticMesh under the DefaultSceneRoot actor of the blueprint.

    drop static mesh to environment
  • You can set the name that will be displayed in SkyReal (display name) in the details panel of the environment. To get the Skr panel, the root component of the environment must be selected.

    root component env display name
  • Save your environment and add it to the controller (using the + button).

    add environment to controller