Version: v1.13


  • SKYREAL is the default output. If checked: the "Generate cooked" outputs a .umap file usable in SkyReal; the "Generate editor" outputs an Unreal Engine project file which you can edit to improve your SkyReal experience.
  • SKYPREP outputs the tesselated parts and scene information. You can use it to:
    • enable the scene update function
    • import the CAD on a first computer and output the SkyReal map on a second computer (in the case you cannot install CATIA and Unreal Engine on the same computer)
    • tesselate the CAD once and try different processes faster
  • UNREAL outputs an Unreal Engine project file without SkyReal dependencies so that you may create your own experience.
  • UNITY is similar to the UNREAL output but uses Unity instead. This exporter is not maintained, results may be flawed.