Version: v1.13

Task debug

When your task fails, before calling our support team, you should gather information about the issue.



The log window helps us to understand errors in the event your task fails. We need it to find when the issue appeared during the process. To open the log window, click on the "Show logs" button at the bottom left of the SkyPrep window.

You have three buttons in the top right corner bar of the log window:

  • Copy the logs to clipboard all_v1.11_skyprep_copy_icon
  • Open the logs in notepad all_v1.11_skyprep_edition_icon
  • Open task info all_v1.11_skyprep_002-export_icon

When you contact the support team please click on the second button, save the log file and attach it to the email.


The analysis file gives information about the content of the scene:

  • Actors (parts and products) number
  • Number of actors with multiple instances
  • Number of triangles
  • Number of vertices
  • Detailed stats on each geometry

By default, we create a pre-process and a post-process analysis file have a trace of the simplifications applied to the scene. You can change these options in the advanced settings.

These two files are HTML files, located in [SkyPrepOutputDirectory]\[ProductName]\Analysis\. You can open them in any web browser.