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Project description#

The SkyReal Suite is a software solution which's goal is to visualize and manipulate CAD products directly in VR using a Head Mounted Device, a Powerwall or a Cave.

The project is composed of 2 modules:

  • **SkyReal**: VR visualisation, interaction and collaboration. Based on Unreal Engine.
  • **SkyPrep**: Data conversion and optimization from any CAD file to SkyReal simulation file.

Package content#

Once downloaded from the link we sent you, you can unzip the package into a place that does not require elevated privileges.

You will get a folder containing the following sub-folder structure:

  • SkyPrep
  • SkyReal
  • Utilities

In addition to the three modules, you will notice a Utilities folder which contains some scriptsand tools.

Before starting to work with the SkyReal suite, you must set the licences.

Let's go!#

Once you have set the softare licences, you are ready to go! Click on the links below to explore each software's documentation.