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At SkyReal startup, the default page is the library. You will find all the experiences you've already open with SkyReal.


Add a new map#

The big add button let you pick any map.

Once a CAD as been converted to simulation map with SkyPrep, the file to load into SkyReal is:


Sorting the maps#

By default, the library displays the maps in cards. But you can choose to display them as a list to get more details.

library options

You can sort the maps by : Most Recent, Most Used, Preparation Date, Name, Path

Start a map#

play buttons

Play Locally: Start the map on this computer only.

Create Session: Start a collaborative session of SkyReal. You are hosting the server, other users can join your session using the same map.

Join Session: Join an existing session on the network. You need to enter the IP address of the session. (You must have the exact same map)

join session

Map Resources#


At the bottom of the maps pages you can see the screenshots taken in SkyReal.

Drag & Drop the pictures to the vignette or to the header picture to update them. A popup will ask you to cut your picture for the header.

cut picture


Only displays the different saves at this moment.