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<img src="/icons/T_Animation.png" alt="T_Animation" width="40px" /> Animations panel

The animations panel contains convenient shortcuts and the list of all the animations available in the scene.

animation tab

You can find animations from:

  • DELMIA: following these steps you can import a process from DELMIA to SkyReal.
  • Unreal Engine: as described here, you must create a Level Sequence and register it in the controller.
  • SkyReal: using the record command.

Below the common commands you will find the list of all the animations.

animation options
TimelineIt gives you an overview of the animation. You can use it to jump to a precise moment.
Is repetedThe animation is played in loop.
Is revertedThe animation is played from the end to the beginning.
Start offsetWait some time before the beginning. It can be used to synchronize animations.
Trim insideYou can remove idle time inside the animation. You can choose threshold time.