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Manikin commands

In SkyReal it is possible to incarne a human, to see other players as humans and to spawn manikins and edit their position.

Manikin commands have two goals:

  • improve the immersion of the experience,
  • study ergonomics.

You will find manikin commands in the default Manikin sub menu and in the desktop menu:

default manikin menu

See myself as human#


See myself as human let you incarn a human shape in VR. This command toggle the visibility of the human.

This feature can be enabled at any time and with any HMD. However, manikin representations will work best with an HTC Vive Setup combined with Vive Trackers, as you can track other parts of your body with the latter. Hence, your movements will be rendered more accuratly in the simulation, making it a more comfortable experience.

See other as human#


See other as human let you see collab users in a human shape. This command toggle the visibility collab users as humans.

Please note that this feature is purely local: calculation of others as manikins is made by your own machine. Hence, if bugs occur with the manikins of others, you will have to use the Reset manikin command to get rid of these bugs.

Reset manikin#


Reset manikin command recalculates bones position of any manikin (self and/or others). This should be used in the event of bugs in the manikin representation.

Edit manikin#


Edit manikin command allows you to spawn and edit manikins to study ergonomics. See the detailed page.

Toggle MSDs#


Toggle MSDs visibility on every manikin.

See MSDs page for more details.