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Add parts

You can add external 3D objects to your simulation to improve the experience.

WARNING : Unreal Engine only support FBX files

To add objects to the project you must drop FBX files in the content browser under "Content\Simulation\"


Once dropped, a property window pop


You can check "combine meshes" if you want to merge the bodies inside a FBX. It is useful if you import a big FBX and don’t need interaction (an environment for instance).

The import will automatically load meshes, textures and materials.

Then you can add directly static meshes in the viewport by drag and dropping the static mesh component:


However you will not be able to interact with it in SkyReal. To do that you can:

  • Use the Plugin to convert the static mesh into a Skr Part,

  • Do it manually: add a Skr Part and assign the mesh to it.


Finally you must save all and cook content.