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SkyReal parts properties

Each part generated during the preparation is a SkrPart object. These objects inherit from Unreal actors and possess additional properties specific to SkyReal. You can find these properties in the details panel inside the "Skr" section.


The top buttons are used to set automatically some Skr properties. For instance :

  • Set Current Materials as Default / Transform as Final takes current materials / transform of the actor and set the Skr properties used to store default settings (called by reset parts positions and reset appearance).
  • Create Feature creates a Skr Feature of the part and adds it to Features list in the Information section.



Final Transform is the default transform called by the reset part position command.

Features is an array that references the features of the part. To add a feature of the part use the "Create Feature" button of the Skr section.

Product Color and Product Opacity define the default appearance settings.

Default Skr World defines the visibility state. Note that changing a part visibility in the Unreal Engine world outliner will have no effect in SkyReal.



Contains part default material and mask materials information.

Read only#

Debug section



You can set the children and the parent actors.





You can preset the physics settings to prepare the behavior of every parts.