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Back to CAD (CATIA V5)

Back to CAD purpose is to import your designs and update your parts position in your CATIA product.

Caution: the import in CATIA will work only if the preparation has been done with the internal CATIA loader (not CoreTech).

Export scene from SkyReal#

see back to CAD command

Import in CATIA#

  1. Open the original CATProduct file in Catia V5.

  2. Go to Tools/Macro/Macros and open the macro window.

  3. Click on Select.

  4. Select MS VBA files and chose the from Utilities folder Utilities\CAD_Script\CATIA\CAD_Scene_Update.catvba.

  5. Select the json_file_Reader and click on Run.

  6. A window is displayed. Click on Browser and pick the json saved by SkyReal. Then, given what you want to import in the CAD, check 2, 3 or 4.

  7. After checking everything that needs to be reimported, click on Start.