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SkyReal is our VR software solution to visualize CAD products, interact with it and collaborate with teams from any location directly in VR. It is compatible with almost any VR device, powerwall or cave.

Before using SkyReal, you need to convert your CAD using SkyPrep.


  • A VR-ready computer and a Head Mounted Device (HMD) with its proprietary software installed.
  • A valid license file.

See the dedicated prerequisites' page for further information.

First steps

Set the license

For a node locked license, download the .lic file we sent you and copy it to the folder SkyReal\SkyReal\Content of the package.

For server licenses, see the dedicated page.

Start a simulation map

Once a CAD as been converted to simulation map with SkyPrep, the file to load into SkyReal is:

‚Äč [SkyPrepOutputDirectory]\[ProductName]\SkyReal\cooked\Simulation\Simulation.umap

See the full launcher page

Launch VR

Once a simulation is loaded, you are in Desktop mode. To switch to VR you need to click on the VR button at the top of the left menu bar.

See the 2D Command menu page

In desktop mode you can use the CATIA mouse navigation system or the Unreal Engine mouse navigation system. You can choose which to use via the button at the top right corner of the viewport. See more

In VR, you can navigate with the joystick or the direction buttons of your controllers. See more

Use cases

In this section, you will find some examples and tips such as:

  • Create dedicated menu
  • Use physics
  • Save a simulation
  • Export designs back to CATIA