Start with XRCenter

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XRCenter is a web platform dedicated to collaboration and data management for companies.




XRCenter is not compatible with every web browser. We highly recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It is not possible to load data with Microsoft Edge.


You need a lot of space to store the CAD files and the SkyReal simulation files. You will need to adjust the storage according to the number of users and the size of your CAD files.

Several Terrabytes of hard drive space might be necessary.

First steps

Set the license

For node locked license, download the .lic file we sent you and copy it to the root folder of XRCenter in the package.

For server licenses, see the dedicated page.


Edit the appsettings.json file if you want to enable https or change the default port (9227).

Then execute XRCenterInstallService.bat to start XRCenter as a service.

See configuration page


The first time you start XRCenter you need to go to the /setup.html page to set the administrator account, the database location and possibly the license server.

To register a new user you have to go to the /register.html page.

Otherwise you need to go to /login.html to start.

See launch page

User management

As an administrator you have to :

  1. Create the organisations (can be your company, your site)
  2. Create the teams
  3. Create the users or ask the users to register
  4. Add users to their organisations and teams

See user management page

Room administration

A room is a place where admitted users can work around a simulation. The managers/administrator of the room can add simulations and decide who can access to the room.

All users can chat, see screenshots and VR reports from a VR session of the simulation.

To connect SkyReal to a room, see this page.

See room administration page