When you extend the use of SkyReal with Blueprints you quickly need to trigger actions with events such as controllers inputs, user actions, user position, ...

This events are necessary to trigger actions like displaying messages, starting animations, changing materials, ...


Here is a list of common events:

Standard events

Event Description
all_v1.11_skyreal_experience-customization_event-beginplay Event triggered once at the very beginning of the experience.
all_v1.11_skyreal_experience-customization_event-tick Event triggered all the time, at every tick. The interval between two ticks is the Delta Seconds variable.

Controllers inputs

This events exists for both hands.

Event Description
all_v1.11_skyreal_experience-customization_event-pie-menu Pie menu button pressed.
all_v1.11_skyreal_experience-customization_event-grip Grip button pressed (button inside the controller, under the middle finger).
all_v1.11_skyreal_experience-customization_event-select Selection button pressed.

You can also use keyboard inputs. Type the input letter to find the event.

Parts interactions

You can add specific events for every parts you can access from your blueprint (using variables of type Skr Part). These events are accessible in the Details tab of the variable.


The most useful events are:

Event Description
all_v1.11_skyreal_experience-customization_event-begin-overlap Event triggered when another actor begins to overlap. Can be used to determine user position.
all_v1.11_skyreal_experience-customization_event-cursor-over Event triggered when the laser touches the part.
all_v1.11_skyreal_experience-customization_event-clicked Event triggered when the actor is selected.