The bracelet should be considered as a contextual menu. Its role isn't to replace the Pie Menu but to extend the current command with contextual actions or parameters.

It also brings navigation shortcuts, menu selection, notification center, collaborative users overview...

By default the bracelet is hidden. Use the toggle bracelet command to start using it.

Open bracelet

The bracelet comes with three visibility states: collapsed, half-open, expanded.

  • By default, the bracelet is collapsed. You can only see the time.

  • When you look at the bracelet, all the circle buttons appear.

  • You can approach your controller close to the bracelet to open the Home tab or click on a button to open the related tab.

collapsed bracelet half open bracelet expanded bracelet



From the Home page you can access interface and scene settings such as: Physics, VR Menu, and exit VR.

You can also choose to change the bracelet layout using the bottom button.

bracelet home

From the Navigation tab you can set your favorite navigation mode without leaving the current command. You can also set the speed in just one click.

bracelet navigation


The command tab acts as a contextual menu. You can find parameters and actions related to the currently executed command. For instance, using the 3D annotation command you can change text width/color and create separated texts without leaving the command.

Most of command's custom parameters are added automatically to the bracelet, but few of them already have dedicated functions.

Command Functions
3D annotation Create new segment, Delete last segment
Edit manikin Remove node, Next transform, Remove rotation
Grab Switch between different grab method


The selection tab lists all the selected parts. You can teleport yourself to a part and remove parts from the selection.


In the notification tab you receive all the notifications about scene modification, users connections, ...

A badge on the circle button will keep you informed of the number of unread notifications.

Collaborative users

In the collaboration tab you can see all the users connected to the scene. You can teleport yourself to another user and teleport a user to you.

bracelet users tab

Custom widget

You can create your own custom widget in Unreal Engine and send it to the bracelet. see documentation page.