The SDK is the list of SkyReal functions opened to blueprints. Some events also come with the SDK, you will find them in the custom events section.

To use these functions you need to pass them the Framework Connector as a parameter.

get connector

Get the Framework Connector

You just need to get the Framework Connector once. If you use multiple functions from the SDK, a good practice is to store the Connector into a variable at the initialization of the map.

You can use this blueprint to wait until the connexion to SkyReal is established and store the controller in a variable (the variable must be of type Skr Framework Connector Object Reference).

store connector

SDK functions

To find the functions you need to be in the context of the Framework Connector. To do so, click and drag the blue pin of the Connector. You will find the SDK in the Skr category.

sdk functions


Function Description
Change 2D Interface visibility Hide the desktop interface: can be useful to create your own GUI.
Is in 2D Returns a boolean: true if you are not in VR.
Switch to 2D Force quit VR.


You can call all the animation commands available in SkyReal.

Function Description
Get All Animations
Get Animation Duration in Seconds
Pause (All) Animation(s)
Play (All) Animation(s)
Reset (All) Animation(s)
Set Animation Time
Start/Stop Record Animation
Register/Unregister Unreal Animation Add/Remove a Level Sequence animation in SkyReal.


You can create your own bracelet widget to execute your custom commands.

Function Description
Clean Widget Class in Bracelet Unload the existing widget from the bracelet.
Send Widget Class in Bracelet Add your custom widget to the bracelet (only one slot is available).


Function Description
Execute Command from Name
Force Exit Current Command
Get All Commands
Is Executing Command


Function Description
Add Environment Add a SkrEnvironment to the SkyReal environments list.
Get Current Environment
Load Environment from Class Load an environment at runtime passing the object.
Load Environment from Name Load an environment at runtime passing the name.
Function Description
Change Navigation Mode Switch between the three VR navigation modes.
Enable Navigation Choose to allow or block user navigation.
Get All Navigation Modes List navigation modes.
Get Current Navigation Mode


Function Description
Send Message Notification Send a notification that will be displayed in all the notification panels.


Function Description
Auto Take Screen Shot Take a Full HD screenshot in SkyReal.
Auto Take Screen Shot with Size Take a screenshot with custom size.


Function Description
Get Current Selection
Set Current Selection


Function Description
Add Tool Add a SkrTool to the SkyReal tools list


Function Description
Get Current VRInterfaces Get the current Pie Menu profile.
Get Local User Return the pawn.
Get User Controller Actor
Get User Effector Transform Return the transform of the origin of the lasers.
Get User Head Actor
Get VRInterfaces Custom
Get VRInterfaces Preset
Load VRInterfaces Change the Pie Menu configuration.


Function Description
Get Videos Path String: Get the path toward the video folder.


Function Description
Fit Objects Reframe on the selection.
Get All Skr Views
Navigate to View


Function Description
Get Controller Hit Test Return the first part that overlap with controllers
Get Controller Hit Tests Return the list of parts that overlap with controllers
Get VR Device Name Return the name of the HMD.
Is in VR Boolean: true if you are in VR.
Switch to VR