SkyReal plugin

This plugin is available in Unreal Engine to assist you in some tasks.

To start the plugin, you need to click on the dedicated button from the toolbar.

plugin button

Then, you can pin the widget wherever you want.

plugin map

All the actions are sorted in three tabs.


Create empty map: This action creates a new Unreal Engine map with all SkyReal requirements.

Export to SkyReal: This action cooks the map for Unreal. The output overrides the cooked folder generated by SkyPrep. If the folder doesn't exist you will be free to choose the output folder.

Parts visibility: These buttons show and hide parts taking the visibility parameter stored in Skr/Informations/Default Skr World in the details panel.

Set current view as default: This action spawns a SkrView object at your location and set it as the default view (at SkyReal startup).

Create new point of view: This actions spawns a SkrView object at your location.

Transform selection to SkrParts: If you have added some static meshes in your scene and want to replace them with SkrPart, select the static meshes and click on this button.

Auto register all animations: This action takes all the level sequences you have created and adds them the animation list of the SkrController.

Product tree

Fixup product tree reference: If you have reordered your product tree in the World Outliner and want to update children and parents settings of every parts, click on this button.

Flatten product tree: This action flattens the World Outliner

Rebuild product tree: This action rebuild the product tree in the World Outliner using the children and parents settings of the parts.


Import 3ds max data: Before using this action, you need to import a 3DS Max scene with Datasmith. Then this action can convert the Datasmith actor into SkyReal parts and tree nodes. Currently this conversion may work with datasmith imports other than 3DS Max.