Collaboration is not working

  • Be sure the workstations can communicate together (same network, VPN, ...).
  • Your firewall must authorize UDP connexion through port 7777 (or your custom port, see below).
  • If your firewall is strict and blocks everything by default, you can add the SkyReal executable as an exception: \SkyReal\Binaries\Win64\SkyReal-Win64-Shipping.exe.
  • Check that the port 7777 is not used by another service using the following command line:
FOR /F "usebackq tokens=4 delims= " %i IN (`netstat -ano ^|find "7777"`) DO @tasklist /fi "pid eq %i" | find "%i"

The expected result is SkyReal-Win64-Shipping. If you get another value you have to change the port used to communicate:

To do so add the following lines at the end of the SkyReal\Config\DefaultEngine.ini