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Version: v1.18



SkyReal2GO is a tool that packages your SkyReal experience (settings, map, saves) into a standalone experience that you can share with your customers.

To use this feature you need a specific SkyReal2GO license that will manage the life duration of the package. Once the experience is created, the end user doesn't have to deal with the license.

You can find this command in the Save Commands tab:

global commands menu

Get a license

Every customer has some free token to try SkyReal2GO. It means you can:

You will need the Map ID to generate the license. You can find it in the SkyReal2GO generation panel.

Generate your experience

Go to the Save Commands tab of the left menu and execute Generate SkyReal2GO.


Map ID: number needed to generate the license

License path: path toward the license you have generated

Loading page image (optional): displays your company logo at start-up

Output path: The location of the package

Advanced options: You can set the VR and desktop menus and navigation method.