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VR Navigation

Navigation in VR mode is achieved through the VR controllers.

Controller Button Mapping

SkyReal is compatible with most VR controllers.

The mapping is the same for the left and right hand controllers , with:

  • One trigger to select parts in your simulation
  • One button to open the pie-menu
  • A pad to move in VR

The location of these buttons is indicated below for each type of controller:

Vive Controllers


Oculus Controllers


Windows Mixed Reality




VR Helper

A VR helper can be accessed when beginning with SkyReal, and provides you a small tutorial on using your controller.

This helper is only available once you have launched VR mode.

To access the helper, simply press the T key all_v1.11_T_keyboard on your computer keyboard and it will open in VR:


Follow its directives to learn more about the functionalities of your controller's buttons.

There are three types of navigation modes. These commands can be accessed from the default navigation sub menu.

For more detailed explanations on how to use them, please refer to the Navigation commands page.


Fly navigation is the freest navigation mode. In this mode, the user isn't attached to the ground and doesn't collide with objects.


Walk navigation attaches the user to the ground and makes them collide with objects. This navigation mode improves user immersion in the simulation.


Teleport navigation is useful for users having trouble with motion sickness.